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SEO, Copywriting and you

We work with some great copywriters - skilled content writers who will weave their magic to find the words for your website that are clear, concise and compelling. You’re investing in a great new website. Make sure you furnish it with polished, engaging content that helps you get found on Google.

Copywriting Service

But wait a minute. Isn’t there something missing?

What about the words?

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A good copywriter will find words that

  • Grab the attention of your website visitors
  • Engage them, so they stick on your website and don't wander off to your competitors' sites
  • Inspire them into action - to call you, email an enquiry, or, better still, place an order

But professional, well-written web copy does much more...

The right words will ensure that as many people as possible:

  • Visit your site, not just once, but again and again
  • Stay on your site
  • Explore your site - hopping from one page to the next

…and these factors will contribute hugely to getting your website to rank highly on the search engine results pages (SEO).

What this means for you

Like you, we think new customers and enquiries matter more than a pretty website. So we've taken 20% off the cost of your project when you take advantage of the SEO & copywriting specialists we work with.
It's a must.

But how much do they charge?