D&L Electric and Fire Cloud Inspection system

For several years we have been providing printed inspection forms, triplicate carbon copy pads bound in sets of 50 to D&L.

As the company has seen recent expansion, new members of staff need to fill out these inspection forms for themselves when in the field. Due to the high expense of printed forms, we were requested to turn form-filling into a digital cloud solution.

Powered by Adobe Document Cloud, users are able to:

– Remotely drop into the cloud database and access inspection forms for over 150 branches
– Edit each form live from a tablet
– Digitally sign the form and render it uneditable after completion
– Mail off a copy of the form to the client
– Allow for remote in-house management to log completed forms

Not only has this solution provided more efficiency, but it also allows for the company to expand without additional expense.

  • Client D&L Electric and Fire
  • Services Development
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