Competitive audit

Our Process

You and your business

It all starts with our initial face to face consultation. This warming introduction will help us to understand your business, your ethics, requirements and goals.

We get into your ‘why’ and help you understand why the market should choose you.

Understanding your audience

We establishing who you want to communicate to, and then plan how to demonstrate your expertise through your branding and website.If needed, we establish methods of contacting the prospective customer, and choosing ways to educate them before they buy.

Producing something real

We then formalise our relationship and begin work on your brand, website or other marketing materials, depending on your package.

Launching your project

Exciting times! But it doesn't end at the launch. We set you up to manage your marketing and online presence with clear intent and purpose, using straightforward tools to help you self manage (including caring for updating your website, no nasty contract retainer fees).

If you'd rather us help you, you can choose an aftercare and support program that works for you in the long run.

Use our booking calendar on the right to book a free no obligation consultation with us.