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October 11, 2020

Why Free Information Is Important

Why free information is important for your brand positioning as small to medium sized enterprise

Do you as an SME or larger business want to generate enquiries through your branding and positioning?  

If the answer is no, feel free to stop reading.

We live in a digital marketing age where value is important. Not value as in ‘value for money’…instead adding value to a prospective clients’ experience with you.  

A lot of that experience happens before your prospects make contact. So if you want clients to get in touch, you need to be feeding them some value before they feel motivated to take action.  

The good news is providing free value doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time.  

In fact, you are likely producing valuable free bits of information you can talk about on a daily basis – all that you need to do is change your perspective on your day-to-day work, and look for the opportunities.  

For example, you may have expertise in integrating Xero accountancy systems into companies with offices of 25+ employees. Could you take your research, findings and experience and compile it into a downloadable PDF or blog post?  

When working, ask yourself:

  • Could this data be helpful to prospective clients make an informed decision that would encourage them to work with me? (if so, it’s time to talk about it!)
  • Can I produce ‘style guides’ based on the work I do, if I find clients are indecisive and need guidance that shows I really know what I’m talking about?
  • Can I summarise the customer journey of using my expertise through an informative blog or newsletter?
  • Can I produce a promotional explainer video that establishes my position and proficiency in the market?

Of course, there any many more questions, but these should get your cogs turning to be proactive in your ability to demonstrate your expertise.

The entire process of giving free information results in one very valuable asset – trust. Trust is the fuel that drives and inspires clients to take action and make direct contact.

Our research indicates well over 62% of small and medium sized businesses in London, the Midlands, Cambridge and Oxford neglect to publish any sort of free information that benefits website visitors.

Do you want to add to that percentage, or do something different to capture 62% of clients who are hungry for valuable information?

Free information is part of the customer experience of choice, take a read.  

If you would like consultation about this topic, or feel ready to begin improving your web based content, contact us now.

Azzurri Web Design - for Businesses in Northampton, Corby, Leicester, Wellingborough, Kettering and surrounding areas.

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