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October 11, 2020

A Guide To Creating Lead Generating Websites

Before we get into the dirt of what a lead generating website is, we have to ask – What’s the reason why you have a website? For some medium sized businesses and SME’s, they don’t know.  
It’s important to always know the WHY of what you want to achieve with online branding. For instance, if your client base is 95% word of mouth recommendations, then your website may serve the core purpose of cementing your ability to deliver results with portfolios, guides and accreditations. So here your ‘why’ is ‘I want my website to add value to my reputation’.  
In other words, it should build trust.  

But what if only 20% of your client base is through recommendations, and you want to build a more consistent stream of clients coming to you online? Perhaps a better question is, is it possible for a website to generate new enquiries on a consistent basis?  

Yes it is. How? It takes the trust your prospective client is building from the content you have,  and guides them to take action once they feel that trust has been built.  
(Remember: people buy from people they know, like and trust. This key marketing mantra is applicable to every industry, at any time.)

But what use is trust if you end up without the contact information of interested clients? In this blog post we are going to run through actionable methods you can implement today to give you multiple ways to acquire prospective customer contact details.

First, we must evaluate the current condition of your website. Don’t have one? No problem. Use this blog post to build the foundations of ‘why’ and ‘how’ you’re going to use it to generate more leads. Then go and make it a reality.
If you already have a website….your first step is to look at your data. Ask these questions before reading on:
How much new business does it bring?  

Do I have an SEO strategy in place and is it working?
Where do I rank on Google?
How do clients contact me once they feel satisfied they trust my services?
Ready? Here we go.

Step 1 – Free information. Nothing demonstrates expertise like flaunting your feathers. So what do you have that you could give away? See this blog post for more ideas.
Once you’ve established 3-4 thorough topics – well researched and assembled into a PDF download*, you are ready to open up a new area of your website. Your resources and guides section.  

How do you structure this?

Two ways:
A direct download from your resources page with zero strings attached
Delivery via Newsletter – the client will sign up to a monthly (or weekly depending how much you want to stretch) newsletter and upon subscribing will have that free document emailed to them+

Why a newsletter? You’ve now captured that client data. Your website has provided you indirect lead generation that you can action with a follow up call or email.

*Top tip – ensure all guides and resources are consistently branded, with appropriate contact information to suit.
+We recommend supplying 2-3 resources totally free, via your resources page, and only 1 item available exclusively through newsletter sign up. You’re building trust at various levels here.

Meaningful, thought provoking calls to action (CTA’s). CTA’s are sections on your website pages that you’ve seen everywhere – ‘Get in touch now’, ‘Fancy a chat?’, ‘We’re here for you’ etc. CTA’s can be dull, insincere and otherwise repetitive.

Do not make your CTA’s scream ‘ring me so I can take your money!’

Instead, CTA’s should justify the content you’ve already fed to your client and motivate them to take action. Therefore, no TWO CTA’s should be the same – they should be relevant to the content of that page or blog. For instance:  
‘Want to squeeze more out of a small interior design budget?’ sounds more appealing than:
‘Ring now for affordable interior design’.

Live chat.A chatbot study from late 2019 shows that customers expect the same response time from an automated live chat system compared to a real human. So there is ample reason to set up a live chat system that encourages clients to make contact…and you don’t have to be at the other end 24/7!  Live chat will encourage instant, spontaneous messaging – and with some basic setup, your chatbot system can feed customer data right to you ready for a follow up.

What’s the lesson from live chat? The lesson is Architects, designers, and consultants should all be flexible to the style of communication prospective clients prefer, and give them an outlet to choose.
You are quite literally increasing the chance of clients getting in contact.  
‘What sort of Live Chat systems can I use?’

Depending on your web designers’ flexibility, you have a wide range to choose from, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Facebook Messenger and Zendesk.
Your content itself. Surprisingly, your website copy and content is so much more valuable for lead generation that you think. Embedded links in text not only boosts your Google SERP’s, but offers a quick and lazy way for clients to be redirected to your contact page, resources, newsletter sign up and much more.

Here’s an example:  
Struggling to find the time to make your living space incredible? Consider taking 5 minutes out of your day to consider what you want to achieve, what styles you are most attracted to, and how functional you want your space to be. If you’re stuck for ideas, download our comprehensive 2020 Living Room style guide for inspiration. If you still don’t know how to put these ideas into motion, why not contact us for a free 20 minute phone consultation?  

Final Thoughts

Our research indicates that small businesses in our local area have a solid sales process once client contact is made. On-boarding new clients, bringing expert results and fostering relationships are happening. It’s the bit before that scares businesses. So the end goal of good lead generation is to feed more enquiries into a sales process that ALREADY works for you, not rewrite it.  

SEO and Google ranking – you need to do this before lead generation can work for you.

This blog post has likely been really helpful for you. Truth be told, you can make all these changes to your website today, and nothing will change. Why? If your SEO is not in order – if you have no strategy to rank well in Google, and you are not partnering with an SEO company or web designer who can manage this…then no one will find you.  
Lead generation always begins at discovery!  

If you would like consultation about this topic, or feel ready to begin improving your lead generation strategies, contact us now.

Azzurri Web Design - for Businesses in Northampton, Corby, Leicester, Wellingborough, Kettering and surrounding areas.

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