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October 11, 2020

5 Ways You Can Use Choices On Your Website To Capture A Customer

Why do I want potential customers to make choices?’ we hear you ask. From our expertise developing websites for small businesses in Northamptonshire and London, we have noticed that getting visitors TO your site is only half the battle.

Next, you need to capture their interest so they take action to contact you. How do you get potential clients to take action? Choices.

What matters is that they take AN action, rather than none at all. Something is better than nothing right? Well what if your website could offer a selection of ‘choices’ your potential clients could take?  

Let’s look at why we want to offer choices, and how to do it.  
On your website, a choice is always made by the visitor taking an action.  

Now, every potential customer is different.  Some like to learn, make informed decisions, and then take a step in time. Some are impatient, and they want a problem resolved quickly, and will get in touch with you within moments of learning about you through your website. Some will sign up to a blog or a newsletter you provide, read them for weeks or even months…and then make contact.

So regardless of the type of customer, what you want to make sure of is that any action leads to this key phrase:

Education, then communication.  

You want your website to move at the pace for everyone who visits it, not just the ‘snappy decider’ or the ‘slow and considered’ customer.

Therefore, we must present everyone with options that educate, which then opens the door for communication with you.

Now let’s look at the types of ‘choices’ visitors can make.

We will call them ‘customer touchpoints’:

  1. A choice that familiarises them with your services
  2. A choice which deepens their knowledge about your expertise in your industry
  3. A choice to learn more about what problems you can solve for them
  4. A choice based on variation and selection (such as e-commerce and online products)
  5. A choice to directly contact you
  6. A choice to receive useful information in an automated way
  7. A choice to review your previous work and testimonials

You will notice one of these choices does not educate. That’s point 5, direct contact – your ‘contact us’ form.

What are you setting yourself up for if you rely COMPLETELY on the one touchpoint that doesn’t do any educating…your contact form? You’re neglecting 6/7 choices and therefore almost 86% of customers who are NOT motivated enough to directly contact you on the first visit!

Can you see why choices are so important? Choices are the gateway to making a real connection with potential customers online.  

How can you define who your customers are, and what actions they are likely to take on your website? For more assistance, see our latest blog posts on communicating with your audience. You can also check our free resources page for a glimpse into how to conduct research about your target market.  

For something more direct, contact us now for a no obligation phone consultation.

Azzurri Web Design - for Businesses in Northampton, Corby, Leicester, Wellingborough, Kettering and surrounding areas.

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